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Kinetic Sand for Kids

Kinetic Sand for Kids
  • Hours of Entertainment - Unique and awesome toy that encourages imagination, hands-on sensory exploration and creativity. Perfect for a quiet indoor activity.
  • Soothing & Stress-Relieving - Squeezing and molding it is a relaxing sensation. Works great for kids with sensory issues.
  • Wet Sand - Sandblox stays moist, unlike playdough it does not dry out and can be played with for extended times
  • Easy to Clean - SandBlox Sands is really not messy. Recommended to store in a gallon size ziplock bag in-between uses to avoid spills.
  • High Quality
Looks like wet Sand but never Dries out. Feels like Normal Sand but can be molded into any shape. An important feature of kinetic sand is that it does not stick to anything other than itself.