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MEMO DL05 Phone Radiator Phone Cooling Fan

  • Lightweight and portable, cool down at any time
  • Large screen display. LED digital screen display, Cooler cooling temperature can be seen
  • Semiconductor refrigeration. The principle of air-conditioning refrigeration, fast cooling can be achieved by power
  • Embedded silent fan, 7500 rpm DC motor noise reduction operation, so that you are always interference-free
  • Three-speed adjustable wind power, 6000 speed, solve the problem of sweating and hot mobile phone
  • After installation, it does not affect the holding with both hands, and the bare metal feel
  • Silent glare fan, bass operation, no interference
  • Spring telescopic clip, support the clamping width of 66-84mm, without hurting the phone

Pubg mobile phone cooler silent semiconductor radiator cooling fan bracket holder


Product Description

1.The cooler features the 9-blade fan, powerful heat dissipation, turbine exhaust technology for quickly dissipating the mobile phone heat.2. Low noise operation, does not interfere with voice chat, frequency conversion DC motor, stable wind for better use.3. The cooler is small and convenient, whose size is about one-third of the size of the mobile phone, making gaming perfect.4. Retractable buckle design, perfect for all mobile phones.;5. USB direct power supply for long-time working.

Pubg mobile phone cooler semiconductor stretchable radiator mute cooling fan holder w

Pubg mobile phone cooler semiconductor stretchable radiator mute cooling fan holder wShopHivePK offers Pubg mobile phone cooler semiconductor stretchable radiator mute cooling fan holder w at the lowest price in Pakistan.Description: Feature:- Powerful heat sink: The cooling fan prevents the phone from overheating while playing the game console, extending the life of the phone and battery.- Water-cooled radiator: Compared with other coolers, this radiator game can be used for half an hour and can cool 10~30°C. It can effectively solve the problem of fever or power failure when using a mobile phone.- Applicable to all models of for iPhone / Android phone / tablet with a width of 65-85mm. Play a variety of games without worrying about fever.- The cooling radiator is powerful and equipped with a 1.5m USB data cable. Plug in the power to automatically turn on, and instantly cool.- Light weight and convenient, silicone mat on the edge of the cooler. Firmly absorb the phone to avoid the phone falling off and scratching.

Pubg mobile phone cooler stretchable semiconductor radiator cooling fan holder mute


Product Description

Linear damping telescopic clip: easy to adjust, very suitable for all types of mobile phones from 4.5 to 7 inches.Fast cooling: Using dual engines, it has the same cooling principle as the refrigerator, instead of ordinary fan cooling, it can cool the phone in 3 seconds, avoid overheating and ensure a stable real-time streaming or gaming experience.Silent engine heat dissipation: The dual-silent design fan can effectively radiate wind from all directions, provide a stronger cooling effect, and will not interfere with your games or Vlog programs.Expanded heat dissipation area: About 7 square inches of extremely strong heat conduction and heat dissipation area covers the CPU and battery modules, thereby protecting your phone from blackening or sudden shutdown.Suitable for a variety of scenarios: mobile gamers and vlogers who use mobile phones to make real-time streaming videos must have

Package Dimensions  :   16*8.5*3.5CM 76.8g

Package list:1*heat sink1*power cable1*Manual