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Bonvita Beauty Dry Shampoo

-100% Original dry shampoo for oily hair and dry hair-Dry shampoos are the quickest way to get rid of excess oil in the hair when you are in a rush

Wellice Onion Shampoo

SpecificationsWellice Onion Shampoo is best for reducing hair fallOnion is suitable for the stimulation of the scalp, promoting blood circulation and hair regrowth.It reforms your damaged hair.Wellice shampoo contains safe and natural ingredients that will make your hair healthy.This shampoo will make your hair soft and smooth by preventing damage & dryness.Onion shampoo is the best hair cleaner for shiny and smooth hair.It will clean your hair gently without troubling the natural hair balance.Apply and massage for 5-10 minutes after that you can use Wellice Onion Hair Oil and restore hair shine.

Disaar Ginger hair shampoo

ShopHivePK offers Disaar Ginger hair shampoo at the lowest price in Pakistan.

Disaar Argan oil of Morocco Black hair Color Shampoo

ShopHivePK offers Disaar Argan oil of Morocco Black hair Color Shampoo at the lowest price in Pakistan.

Brazilian keraplex keratin hair straightening keratin treatment

  • The Keraplex professional 300 ml (Organic Protein) set includes 3 phases (shampoo, keratin composition, stabilizer mask).
  • - toxic vyschestva amenyaet glyoxylic acid, is found in unripe fruits
  • - glyoxylic acid is an ingredient in many of the metabolic pathways of living organisms
  • - hydrolyzed collagen regenerates hair structure
  • - proteins build the hair from the inside, strengthen its core
  • - panthenol moisturizes, restores natural shine and silkiness
  • - aloe juice smoothest and protects hair from negative environmental factors
  • - DOES NOT HAVE STRONGED ODOR and caustic fumes, DOESN'T IRRITATE mucous membranes, creates comfortable conditions for the procedure

Fa.Jean keratin hair mask for damaged hair 1kg

Hair Tend To Be Healthier Near The Roots And Damaged Towards The Ends, Use Generous Quantities Of Hair Mask On Your Damp Hair And Concentrate On These Areas While Applying. It Helps Nourish And Protect The Hair Cuticles From Further Damage Such As Split-Ends.
  • Massage Your Scalp And Hair With Your Fingertips, Or You Can Brush Hair With A Wide-Toothed Comb After Applying The Mask To Ensure Converge. Make Sure Leave The Hair Mask On Your Hair For A Minimum Duration Of 10 To 20 Minutes (Recommended Duration Is An Hour). Then Rinse Out With Clean Water.
  • For Better Results, You Can Wrap Hair Post-Application In A Plastic Wrap Or A Warm Towel, Steaming Your Hair Or Blowing Your Hair With A Hair Dryer.(Recommended Duration Is 20minutes)

Enzo Natural Leaves Hair Smooth Shampoo (500 ml)

ShopHivePK offers Enzo Natural Leaves Hair Smooth Shampoo (500 ml)at the lowest price in Pakistan.Containing rich barley protein moisture keeping factor and active agrntThe product can make hair flexible and material, improve the conditions such as furcation, dry and rupture as well as make your curllomg lasting and elsticUsage:Wet hair, press moderate amount of shampoo and mix with water. Gently massage into hair and lather. Rinse with clean water. Repeat once or twice for best cleansing effect.